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Square Wedding Cake Design with Blue Scroll Icing

A beautiful 3 level square Wedding cake with blue scrolled icing makes a nice simepl Wedding cake.

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A Beautfiful Square Wedding Cake Design with Scrolled Blue Icing Accents:

Acreamy golden square Wedding cake design idea for you on your Wedding day. Wedding cake designs are not quite what they used to be. Many people think of traditional round Wedding cakes when they pick out cakes for their big day. Today square cake designs are becoming incresingly popular and modern.

This is a elegant looking square Wedding cake idea with what looks to be golden colored fondat covering each level of cake.  Each level of the cake is then beaded with some sort of golden colored icing. There is then a baby blue contrasting icing which has been applied to the outside of the Wedding cake levels in a scroll design. Flowers accent the top of the cake and their is a beautful, cake platform or base upon which it all sits. This is definitely a cake that will have your Wedding guests talking. A very elegant and beautiful cake design.

Simple Square Wedding Cake Black White

This is a beautifully simple square wedding cake in black and white.

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Simple Square Wedding Cake in Black & White:

A simple square Wedding cake in black and white. This is simple in appearance but at the same time very sleek and elegant looking. Simple clean white fondant covering a 2 tier square Wedding cake. In this particular case the cake levels appear to be separated or accented with black ribbon, and not the edible kid. One idea would be to simply accent this with black fondant in a similar way or some other fondant accents. The roses are an awesome change in color with the deep red, however, they look real and again not edible in this case. You could add your own iced flowers if you are skilled at making them look real.

This is a very nice looking simple square Wedding cake design which is not too complicated for the beginner cake designers out there. The cake is still very impressive in its simplicity.


Square Wedding Cakes – Green Wedding Cake

Square Wedding cakes are different from the standard traditional style Wedding cakes people are used to.

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Square Wedding Cakes – An Elegant & Modern Take On Wedding Cakes

We all love Wedding cake. Traditional or not square Wedding cakes seem to be a modern style of Wedding cake that more people are choosing, and why not? Square Wedding cakes are every bit as elegant, stylish and delicious. This square Wedding cake idea above consists of 3 tiers or levels. The Wedding cake is wrapped in light green fondant, with a diamond pattern added to give it an embossed, puffy and elegant type of look. We are assuming everything is edible, aside from the cake topper on top. Each level or tier of this Wedding cake is accented with edible pearl detailing. The base of each level of cake is covered with beautifully designed icing flowers of some sort. The cake in general is pretty simple in design, aside from the icing flowers, but it is very elegant and eye catching in design.