Funny Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding Day

A funny Wedding cakes idea with a pink and White Wedding cake that will have your guests taking notice and smiling.


via  Shelley Panzarella


Funny Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding Day:

Now we are not sure if the Groom is trying to run away on this funny Wedding cake or if the fact that the Wedding cake looks like it is about topple over, the Groom is about to fall over the side and the Bride is saving him. Either way, funny Wedding cakes like this bring a smile to your Wedding guests and people take notice of these kinds if fun unique and very non-traditional Wedding cakes. After all, who says your Wedding cakes have to be traditional?  Funny Wedding cakes and Funny Wedding toppers like this make things memorable.

This pink and white Wedding cake has 5 tier levels and appears to be wrapped in white fondant icing. The white fondant icing is accented and detailed with pink lines, pink scrollwork and hearts. The different Wedding cake levels are separated by pink fondant balls of varying sizes, and frilly pink fondant.  This Wedding cake is fun to look at and not as difficult as it appears to be. We are sure no matter what, it tastes as great as it looks.