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Topsy Turvy Cake DesignBlack White Red

Black, white and red topsy turvy cake design with cool designs.

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A Fun Topsy Turvy Cake Design for Your Next Theme Party:

Who says cakes have to be boring and blah. Not us and apparentlay not this fantastic cake artist either! This topsy turvy cake is red, black and white with all sorts of effective, cool accents that make it a fun cake to look at any probably eat as well. A simple 3 level or 3 tier cake with a whimsical design that has fondant stripes, diamond shapes and circle patterns in black, red and white. All of these delicious accents on top of the smooth white fondant icing covering each cake level. To top it all off and to tie in all the colors, each level has what appears to be fondant beads or edible colored balls in red, white and black. A truley creative cake that is awesome for any occasion or theme party idea or event. Give it a LIKE or a TWEET below!

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Super Mario Cake Video Game Cake

This Super Mario cake idea will make your friend or child's party alot more super & delicious.

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What’s Better Than A Mario Cake, a Super Mario Cake is better:

Creativty just makes cakes cool. This cake design for a super mario cake is awesome. Mario is popping out of the cake hitting one of the blocks, holding a toadstool with many other of his friends, enemies and obstacles from his wildly popular video game. Kids would love to have a video game cake like this for a video game party or just a fun party.

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Sandwich Cake Design with Chips

Sandwich cake design with chips and lots of fondant.

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Fun & Delicious Sandwich Cake Design with Fondant Chips:

Want to get people’s attention? Check out this cool sandwich cake design with fondant potato chips on the side. The sandwich looks like it is peanut butter and jelly. Now while i’m not sure who eats potato chips with peanut butter and jelly-this cake is still awesome! Alot of fondant icing work, airbrushing and possibly buttercream icing and perhaps some form of jelly makes this cake a real piece of art. This would be a fun cake to try and recreate for your next big party, teen party or simply for a little fun. It’s sure to have your friends and family talking.  It’s almost a shame to eat it – Almost! Mmmmmm…peanut butter..

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Cool Grooms Guitar Cake Design

Any music lover would love this Martin acoustic guitar cake design.

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Guitar Lovers Will Love this Cake:

What is cooler than the guitar? It’s responsible for some of the greatest music which we all love. Now, this guitar cake is really a piece of cake art. The cake designer for this design did an amazing job on this. Any music or guitar lover would be crazy to not love this cake design. Fondant icing on the top and buttercream icing airbrushed with different tones of brown and black give this grooms cake a wood grain effect. A truly beautifl groom’s cake for that special day or for a fun party. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that this guitar cake will be the talk of the night.

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