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Professional Cake Decorating Online Lessons to Buy;

Cake decorating online lessons and techniques for beautiful cake designs.Are you looking for cake decorating online lessons?

Interested in learning how to decorate cakes and creating cool cake designs?

Do you want to be become an amazing cake decorator and learn the skills, cake decorating techniques tips and short cuts to making beautiful cake designs for special events?

Imagine the ability to design beautiful Wedding cakes, shower cakes, baby cakes, anniversary cakes and other awesome cakes.  You could be doing something you love to do and be earning some money or starting a new cake design business.

This cake decorating course will help you to:

  • Discover the most popular cake decorating techniques
  • How to go from a cake amateur to professional cake artist in no time
  • Learn the skills and creative methods used by professional cake artists
  • Understanding the best use of frosting and icing with awesome techniques
  • and so much more!


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3D Minion Cake

3D Minion Cake


3D Minion Cake for kids of any age. Just like the movie.

image via – ranasyazucar

This 3D Minion cake is perfect for any occasion, for kids of any age. Vibrant colors and smooth fondant give this cake a cartoon look. You can make the body of a minion cake by baking the batter into oven safe bowls and stacking them on top of each other. The layers can be firmly placed together using butter cream icing and then wrap the body in fondant and smooth it out. You can do so many fun things inside this 3D Minion cake like make each layer a different color of the rainbow, add chocolate chips to the cake batter or make flavored cake battered and icing. This cake is sure to wow the crowd.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake

chocolate chip cookie cake with layers, whipped cream and icingimage via – lifeloveandsugar

This is truly the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake.  Three layers of different kinds of cookie cake and vanilla buttercream icing make this the most decadent cookie cake you’ll ever try. The sprinkles and buttercream edging make this cake party ready. You can use chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, and even use a variety of chocolate chip flavors. Make any party unique and memorable with this chocolate chip cookie layer cake.  Try using different kinds of sprinkles to make the cake your own unique creation. Enjoy the possibilities you can create on your own or follow the recipe exact and enjoy this decadent treat on any occasion.

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Square Red and Black Wedding Cakes

Unique Red and Black Wedding Cakes, Round and Square

unique red and black wedding cake with round and square tiers
image via – merrybrides

Red and black wedding cakes give traditional cakes a unique look. This is a unique red and black wedding cake made up five tiers with both round and square cakes. Beautiful red and white flowers with blue, green, and black center accents. Black fondant ribbons line the bottom edges of each cake making each tier pop. The white vine and leaf detail add elegance to the cake for the big day. The contrast of sharp color accents against the off white cake and detail make a bold and memorable statement. This cake is unique in that it still has a traditional flare to it but modernized by color and shape. Say ‘I do’ to this cake and it will help make your wedding day a memorable one.

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