Unusual Wedding Cakes – Pillow Cake

This Unusual Wedding cakes pillow cake is definitely unique and one that will have your Wedding guest talking about.

via projectwedding.com

Unusual Wedding Cakes Anyone? Check out this Pillow Cake:

Do you like unusual Wedding cakes? Sometime being different is just fun and memorable. Have your big day coming up soon and looking for some unusual Wedding cakes and cake designs?  This awesome looking pillow cake design is a cake that will soon have your guests talking. This Wedding cake looks very arabic or Meditteranean to me. It would be an awesome cake for a theme based Wedding that had a middle eastern theme, or just for fun. The detail on the cake is awesome. From the fringes, tassles, scrolling designs and colors, this cake just stands out. A great unique idea, and we bet it tastes delicious.