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Camo Cake

Camo cake idea for you or the hunter inyour family.

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One Camo Cake that Doesn’t Want To Hide

Camo cakes are a unique kind of cake for the hunters or military personel you may have in your family. They are a different kind of cake idea that can be fun for the right occasion. This camoflage cake above is a simple 2 leverl or two tier cake complete with all camo markings and white fondant or modelling chocolate deer antlers on top. It appears as though each cake tier is covered with an earth tone of fondant and smoothed out.  It then appears to be accented and detailed with different colors of food coloring and icing. This sporadic, striping and pattern work creates the illusion of various colors of leafs. This is what gives this cake the camoflage effect.

This is a cake that would certainly appeal to hunters and outdoorsy style people. The white fondant or cholate antlers on top make a nice added effect to kee the cake design on a hunting type of theme. This is one style of cake that you may feel comfortable making for that special someone in your life. It’s a nice creative cake design.

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