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Whimsical Cake Designs in Orange and White

A great whimsical cake design when looking for a unique cake for a special occasion.

via  pinkcakebox

Fun, Whimsical, Topsy Turvey Cake Design in Orange & White:

A fun, whimsical cake design for those looking for a real attention getting, unique cake for any special occasion. So many cakes are plain, boring and predicatable. Don’t do that to your guests. Try something unique with your cake designs. Express your creativity and try something crazy sometimes with your cakes. This cake design looks like a lot of fun.

The orange, pink, white and green cake colors really bring this cake to life. The crazy cake tiers are sloped on weird angles and the checkboard pattern on the cake really starts the movement on this awesome cake. If you are looking for a truley unique cake design for a special occasion, anniversary, Wedding cake or a fun theme night, why not give this design a go. We bet it is delicious too!