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Colorful Flower Cake in a Whimsical Design

Colorful flower cake design has a fun whimsical look.

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Colorful Flower Cake Design has a Whimsical Look:

What a fun, colorful flower cake design. This whimsical looking cake is very colorful and cartoony looking. It’s like a cake design right out of fantasy land. If you have a fun or special occasion coming up, this would be a bright, cheery and very colorful cake you could try and design. Great use of color with colored fondant strips. There is also some fondant icing bows that are made from different colors of fondant icing as well as some fancy scrolled icing designs in yellow. The flowers on this cake appear to be made from either fondant or some sort of icing and are very realistic looking. This cake is atrue piece of cake artistry! Give this fun cake style a try for your next party or event. Get practicing..

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