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Incredible Hulk Cake

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Incredible Hulk Cake: There is no doubt this cake is for a comic fan, an Incredible Hulk comic fan to be more specific.  This is a great idea for a character cake when you don’t have much experience with sculpting.  The simple finishing touches from the torn purple trim, to the angry face and chest details make this cake look perfect.  The icing looks like it has been smoothed on with a large icing smoother and the details look as though they are made with fondant.  The green could be fondant but it looks like you can see some faint icing lines which could mean it’s icing that has been smoothed on.  Either way this cake looks fabulous and it’s a wonderful idea.

Unique Cake Ideas – Optimus Prime

Unique cake ideas such this Transformers Optimus Prime cake

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Unique Cake Ideas for Your Next Theme Party – Optimus Prime

Unique cake ideas can be pretty tricky to think up.  This Optimus Prime cake is a great idea and it was probably a little boys favorite toy. Why not have a cake made exactly like it?  Sometimes great ideas can be right infront of us.  If you’re stumped for a unique cake idea, think of who the cake is for and what they like.  You can do so many things with fondant, colors, and buttercream icing, you’re sure to please.

Baby Shower Cake Book Theme Cake

Baby Shower Cake Book Theme for your next baby shower or surprise event.

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Baby Shower Cake Book Theme Cake to Celebrate Your New Baby:

This Baby Shower Cake Book Theme is so adorable.  The book theme makes it unique and very cute.  The Book shaped baby shower cake stands out from the traditional cakes.  This shower cake is simple and uses soft colors in the buttercream icing.  You could play around with colors as you like and also put your own touches on the decorations.  The use of the 3D decorations adds a nice personal finishing touch.

Cereal Cakes Rice Krispies

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When I saw this cereal cake I thought this was an fabulous idea to change things up a bit.  Cereal Cakes Rice Krispies would be a cute everyday style cake you would  make as a quick special treat with kids of all ages.  It would also be a nice light treat if you want something sweet but want to stay away from a real cake.  You could do alot with this cake. You could have fun and cover it with fondant icing, or pipe some fun designs with buttercream icing.  In this picture they also used some lego candies but you can experiment with all sorts of candies you like. Cereal Cakes would be fun to experiment with, especially with Rice Krispies.