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Incredible 3D Champagne Cake

A very life-like, incredible 3D Champagne cake for your next Anniversay party, Wedding or special occasion.


via  izismile

 Incredible 3D Champagne Cake Will Make Any Special Occasion Better:

This Incredible 3D Champagne Cake may just have you doing a double take when you look at this amazing novelty cake.  This Incredible 3D Champagne cake looks so real and is a great idea for a cocktail party, anniversary or other very special occasion.  The Champgne bucket looks so real with the use of edible silver leaf , the ice and edible gold leaf for the top of the champagne bottle.  The details found on this champagne novelty cake are amazing and very artistic.  A cake like this would be a definite ice breaker at your next special event, anniversay or gathering.

Buttercream Icing Recipe

Buttercream Icing Makes the Perfect Addition to Your Cakes:

Buttercream icing – When it comes to trying to make a new recipe, it’s much easier to see it done the first time so you can get a clear picture of what the outcome of the icing should look like.  That is what I love about this icing video.  This instructional cake video provides step by step instructions and tips on how to make decorators, butter cream frosting and what the difference is between it and store bought types of cake icings and frostings.  If you are looking for the perfect buttercream icing recipe, I  encourage you to check out this very informative cake video. Enjoy!