Square Wedding Cakes – Green Wedding Cake

Square Wedding cakes are different from the standard traditional style Wedding cakes people are used to.

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Square Wedding Cakes – An Elegant & Modern Take On Wedding Cakes

We all love Wedding cake. Traditional or not square Wedding cakes seem to be a modern style of Wedding cake that more people are choosing, and why not? Square Wedding cakes are every bit as elegant, stylish and delicious. This square Wedding cake idea above consists of 3 tiers or levels. The Wedding cake is wrapped in light green fondant, with a diamond pattern added to give it an embossed, puffy and elegant type of look. We are assuming everything is edible, aside from the cake topper on top. Each level or tier of this Wedding cake is accented with edible pearl detailing. The base of each level of cake is covered with beautifully designed icing flowers of some sort. The cake in general is pretty simple in design, aside from the icing flowers, but it is very elegant and eye catching in design.