Square Wedding Cake Design with Blue Scroll Icing

A beautiful 3 level square Wedding cake with blue scrolled icing makes a nice simepl Wedding cake.

via Donnaphoto

A Beautfiful Square Wedding Cake Design with Scrolled Blue Icing Accents:

Acreamy golden square Wedding cake design idea for you on your Wedding day. Wedding cake designs are not quite what they used to be. Many people think of traditional round Wedding cakes when they pick out cakes for their big day. Today square cake designs are becoming incresingly popular and modern.

This is a elegant looking square Wedding cake idea with what looks to be golden colored fondat covering each level of cake.  Each level of the cake is then beaded with some sort of golden colored icing. There is then a baby blue contrasting icing which has been applied to the outside of the Wedding cake levels in a scroll design. Flowers accent the top of the cake and their is a beautful, cake platform or base upon which it all sits. This is definitely a cake that will have your Wedding guests talking. A very elegant and beautiful cake design.