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Disney Cakes and Sweets Free Decoration Collection

Disney Cakes and Sweets Offer:

Are you a Disney lover? Who isn’t really? If you love everything Disney and you are a cake decorator looking for the Disney Cakes and Sweets collection, you are in luck. Check out this offer. You can get a FREE Disney cake decorating collection called Disney Cakes and Sweets plus other free gifts sent to your home. Your children will love you and these fun cake decorations and designs.

The ONLY thing you pay for is $4.95 S&H. If you are looking for some fun cake decorations & sweet treat ideas from Disney, then this is the offer you need to see now. Click the link below and see the offer for yourself to see all that is involved in this awesome offer.

Disney Cakes and Sweets Free Cake Decorating Collection

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Black and Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

unique black and pink heart shaped wedding cakes
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Black and Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

When looking for unique ideas for a wedding cake you may want to look past the traditional round cakes and go with the increasingly popular heart shaped wedding cakes.  They can be decorated the same way you would decorate a traditional wedding cake or you could do something as unique as the cake such as the one pictured above.  The heart shaped wedding cake above is covered with black fondant and trimmed with a pink accent.

If you wanted to try and make a cake like this on your own you would need a heart shaped cake pan in different sizes, fondant, and a lot of patience and practice. The cakes can be displayed as in the image above,you could offset them on top of each other, or they could all be displayed on their own cake stands. As for cake stands, there are so many different colors and designs out there you are sure to find one that suits your cake exactly.

For finishing touches, edible arrangements and “painted” decorations can be added such as flowers, leaves, butterflies, and any other decorative items you may want. Too keep your cake looking elegant just remember less is more when it comes to decorating a wedding cake.

Wow, your wedding guests with a unique cake like this black and pink heart shaped wedding cake. Not only will your guests be impressed by the shape but by the bold colors as well.

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Polka Dot Square Wedding Cake

offset square wedding cakes

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Polka-Dot Offset Square Wedding Cake

A square wedding cake is a great way to add some uniqueness to your wedding. They are definitely becoming increasingly popular and there are so many things you can do with them.  The cake pictured above shows offset squares with a simple polka-dot  ribbon placed neatly around the bottom edge of each cake.  The ribbon on the base of each level of cake could also be made of fondant icing if you wanted to go that route. It could then be accented with edible candy decorations etc. The cakes themselves are each covered in smooth white fondant. If you can get the knack of smoothing the fondant icing down, this would be a pretty simple, yet elegant and classy cake design that beginners could attempt to make on their own.

Square wedding cakes are usually tiered with the largest square being on the bottom and the smallest on the top. They can also be separated and displayed on cake stands of different heights.  Each cake tier can be the same flavor or different flavors depending on the choice of the bride and groom.

Covering a square cake with fondant is much easier to do than a round cake. Many people prefer this option as well so the wedding cake can easily be made by a close friend or family member to save on wedding costs.

There are so many creative and unique things you can do when designing a square cake for your wedding day. Have fun.

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Cookie Monster Cupcakes


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Super Cute Cookie Monster Cupcake

Cookie Monster Cupcakes are a fun way to change things up a bit at a party. There are so many cake designs and themes out there but some people really enjoy cupcakes. They are small, convenient and save the trouble of someone having to cut the cake. Cookie Monster cupcakes are a truly unique and adorable creation.

This cupcake gives you two treats in one, and since cookie monster loves all cookies, the possibilities are endless. You can use cream filled cookies, fruit filled cookies, marshmallow cookies, wafer cookies, and the list goes on and on.

How do you frost the cookie monster cupcake? There are a few ways you can do this. You can ice the cupcake with blue icing and give it texture by running a fork through it, you could even pipe little spikes out of blue icing onto the cupcake. Another way would be to ice the cupcake as smooth as possible and dip it into blue sugar sprinkles until it’s nice and coated. One last idea is to mix some blue food coloring into a bowl of coconut and then dip the iced cupcake into the coconut.

Vanilla icing would work best for these cupcakes but if everybody loves chocolate it won’t hurt to use chocolate.

The eyes can be made of fondant, marzipan, or Mentos mints. Simply glue chocolate chips onto whatever eyeball material you use with a dab of white icing.

As for inserting the cookie into the cupcake, make sure you cut the cookie on half (half of a cookie per cupcake) and cut a tiny slit into the side of the cupcake and place the cookie into the slit. If you are having trouble making the cookie stay in the slit, try cutting the slit a little deeper or dab a little icing on the end of the cookie then insert it into the cupcake slit.

Why not try something new for your child’s next party and have some fun with the Cookie Monster Cupcake.

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