Mermaid Cake for Kids

A Mermaid cake idea for your little girls next theme party or fun night at home which she is sure to love.

via  parteaz


A Cute Mermaid Cake Idea for Your Little Girl:

All little girls (and some big girls too) love mermaids. They love the fantasy of it all, living undersea, being beautiful and half woman half fish. What’s not to love? This mermaid cake idea is actually fairly simple. The main cake area is made to look like an oyster or clam shell. There are what looks to be some sugar sprinkles to give it a sandy look. They have then made some small colorful shells,  starfish and plant life out of fondant and placed these all around the oyster shell. The mermaid girl herself is either molded fondant or modeling chocolate. Its a lovely, mermaid cake idea for you or your child’s next theme party.