Melted Chocolate on White Fondant Wedding Cake

Awesome Wedding cake with melted chocolate and white fondant.

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Wedding Cake with Melted Chocolate & Red Roses:

Your Wedding day is a special day in your life, actually the most important day-depending on who you ask. There are traditional Wedding cakes and then there are non-traditional, unique Wedding cakes for your big day. This cake design is truly awesome. It is a 3 tiered Wedding cake with white fondant smoothed over each level of the cake. We can only assume that the red roses are made with fondant or red modelling chocolate.

The very awesome touch on this otherwise simple Wedding cake is the melted, dripping chocolate that appears to have been poured over each of the cake tiers. The melted chocolate has been allowed to drip over the sides of each cake. This melted chocolate look creates a very different effect against the white fondant. This is one of those Wedding cakes that really standout and get your attention, instead of the usual Wedding cake ideas and designs that many people go for. The red roses are a nice accent and a nice splash of red color against the white and  chocolate design. If you are looking for something different for your Wedding day, why not give a design like this a try. It will certainly have your guests talking.

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