How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake

Have you ever seen a Rainbow Layer Cake?  Better yet have you ever tasted a Rainbow Layer cake?  The best thing about a Rainbow Cake is that when it’s presented it looks like a plain ol’ white cake.  But when the first piece is cut, the wonderful colors make everyone smile just as bright as every color in every delicious layer.


I think the hardest thing about a cake like this is the time it takes to make it.  It can be a little more time consuming to make a cake like this due to the layers that have to be baked.  Plus if you don’t have a pan for every layer, you may have to re-use a pan a few times.  The outcome though, is well worth the little bit of extra time.

Here is a recipe with step by step instructions to make  your own bright beautiful Rainbow Layer Cake.

Recipe and Picture for Rainbow Layer Cake via Martha Stewart

Rainbow Cake Recipe

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