Hello Kitty Cake Pops for Kids

These cake pops are cute little sweet treats that look like Hello Kitty.

via  Bakerella

Cute Hello Kitty Cake Pops for You and Your Kids:

Who doesn’t like cartoon characters? We all have our favorites for sure. Kids love cartoon characters. These Hello Kitty cake pops are so cute looking it’s sickening. It’s pretty amazing what can be done with cake pops. Cake pops are little delicious sweet treats that seem to be very popular right now in the baking niche.

Want to try something different with your cake baking endeavours? Thes cake pops are mini cakes formed to make the general shape of the character or objects look you are trying to recreate. They are then dipped in icing and decorated with different candy coatings and items to make them look like  the cartoon characters or object etc you desire to make. They are a new, unique way to make a sweet treat that everyone will enjoy. If you want to know how to make these cake pops be sure to out the link.

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