Cute Baby Shower Cake

Simple, cute baby shower or special occasion cake design.

via @Jessica’s cakes

Simple & Cute Baby Shower Cake Idea:

A simple, cute baby shower cake with a topsy turvy cake design. This cake looks as though it could be used for any type of special occasion like an engagement party, baby shower, wedding shower or even a small Wedding.

The cake has a crazy look with the sloped tiers or cake levels. This sloped design adds the illusion of movement to the overall design. White fondant, green fondant and pink fondant accents with what looks to be candy pearls or piped icing around the base. The fondant icing ribbons add a simple, elegant and femine or girly look to this simple cake design.

This is an elegant looking cake that is not overly difficult to make, yet it works very well for a cute design. Who’s hungry for some cute cake? M,mmmmm…


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