Country Wedding Cakes

Birch bark country wedding cakes design is a unique cake for your big day.

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Cool Birch Bark Design Makes for Unique Country Wedding Cakes:

Country Wedding cakes come in a variety of unque, creative cake designs and styles. We really like how this birch bark cake design looks. It is a cool, unique and creative design for a country Wedding theme. We especially like the tree stump cake holder stand.

The cake is made up of 4 cake levels or cake tiers. Each level of cake is made to look like a section of birch tree. We assume that each cake level is wrapped in fondant icing . The surface area is colored to look like the tree rings. It appears as though the outside of each cake level is wrapped with some thin layer of white fondant icing. It is left to look kind of jagged and appears to have some texturing and tree markings put in for added details. There may even be some airbrushing on the outer bark and for the tree rings.

The top cake tier has the Wedding couples initials made to look as though they are carved into the tree bark, which is a very cute and unique touch for this country Wedding cake. Some simple, common flowers and greenery add a splash of color and top of the whole country theme. We really find this to be a very creative, unique and cute idea for a countr theme Wedding cake. Maybe this is a cake design you can use for your big day. It’s certainly unique and will have your guests talking.

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