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Vibrant Spring Cake Designs


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Vibrant Spring Cake Designs Everyone Will Love:

Spring is almost here and it’s so nice to think about all the wonderful colors of spring.  Spring Cake Designs are a wonderful way to welcome spring. The vibrant colors will brighten up the room and put smiles on everyone’s face. The basket weave design on the above photo is also a great look for a spring themed cake.

Simple flowers made with fondant icing and basket weave piping with butter cream icing along with a simple border would make this cake a great project for anyone who may be a beginner at cake decorating, or someone who just wants to try it on their own. When you make your own cake you can experiment with the colors and patterns you love.

A bright blue border would really make the white butter cream icing pop on this spring cake. Adding red and blue flowers to the top of the cake or mixing and matching the big and small flower shapes would add so much color variety to the cake as well. To enhance on the design you could add small edible butterflies or bees and ladybugs.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating cakes for spring.  All you have to do is look outside and the ideas you need are right at your fingertips.

This vibrant spring cake design is great for any occasion including an everyday cake or a nice “just because” surprise cake.

Be sure to take lots of pictures because it won’t last long.



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Gourmet Cake Chocolate Rumball

via Cake Express

Gourmet cakes are so rich and tasty. This gourmet cake has gone to the next level with the clever idea of edging around the top of the cake with rumballs.  The chocolate ganache looks so delicious covering the rumballs and the cake. This is such a great idea. This cake could be used for a dinner party or any special occaision.

Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing

via mccormick

Red velvet cake is such a classic cake to make.  It looks so nice with white icing, the colors contrast each other so nicely.  The icing in this recipe looks and sounds amazing and easy to make.  This Red Velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese icing is a great cake to make as an everyday cake. Your company will never want to leave and your family will be begging you for more. Bake this cake with caution 🙂

Cereal Cakes Rice Krispies

via mlive

When I saw this cereal cake I thought this was an fabulous idea to change things up a bit.  Cereal Cakes Rice Krispies would be a cute everyday style cake you would  make as a quick special treat with kids of all ages.  It would also be a nice light treat if you want something sweet but want to stay away from a real cake.  You could do alot with this cake. You could have fun and cover it with fondant icing, or pipe some fun designs with buttercream icing.  In this picture they also used some lego candies but you can experiment with all sorts of candies you like. Cereal Cakes would be fun to experiment with, especially with Rice Krispies.