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Fondant Cakes with Yellow Fondant Icing

Elegant Fondant Cakes made with yellow fondant icing look beautiful.

via Gifts and Gadgets

Fondant cakes are so pretty to look at like this one pictured here.  Almost makes you not want to cut into it. Fondant cakes are unique because you can do so many things with the icing.  The yellow on this fondant cake is such a pretty tone and the draped look cascading down the cake looks so elegant.  Finish it off with a few flowers and you have yourself a beautiful elegant cake good enough for any special occasion.

High Heel Shoe Novelty Cakes


via Simply Cakes

Novelty cakes are so much fun to look at and eat.  Having a personalized cake made for your friends or loved ones means so much when you put that extra special effort in it.  This high heel shoe novelty cake is so fun with the bright colors, design, and the display of the shoe on the cake shoe box is a clever way to finish it off.  You could put any message you want on the shoe ‘price tag.’

Fun Colorful Fondant Flower Cake

via  Wellington Cakes

A simple but lively looking cake. This fun colorful fondant flower cake has beautful life like daisies and accents. A real attractive cake that will have your mouth watering fast. Great attention to detail on the flowers. Nice use of color.

Decorative Birds of Paradise Cake


via Decorative Cakes by Donna

Capture your guests attention with a beautiful decorative cake.  A cake this beautiful is guaranteed to be the topic of conversation for a long time.  This Birds of Paradise creation would be a great cake for any special occasion.  Enjoy a piece of paradise.