Black and White Wedding Cakes Design

Black and white wedding cakes for unique Wedding ideas.

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Unique Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Wedding Day:

Wedding cakes are a big part of any Wedding. Typically many people go with the standard traditional Wedding cake designs. If you are looking  to add a twist to your Wedding cake design why not try something like black and white wedding cakes. On this cake blog, we have a variety of different black and white wedding cakes to inspire you with some different ideas.

This black and white Wedding cake is pretty simple, yet very elegant and beautiful. This is one of those cakes that could be made by most people at home. It is 4 tiers or cake levels. Each level of cake is covered with white fondant which is smoothed. Each cake is then stacked largest to smallest. The base of each Wedding cake level is accented with rolled white fondant which is draped to create a fancy, elegant effect.

The Wedding cake is then accented with some small, simple edible black icing or candy flowers. Top the entire thing off with a fancy black silk ribbon and voila. It’s a subtle amount of black on a white cake. The end result of these details is a beautiful, simple, elegant Wedding cake. The black and white on this cake can be used to co-ordinate with your brides maids dresses and decorations as well.

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