Black and Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

unique black and pink heart shaped wedding cakes
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Black and Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

When looking for unique ideas for a wedding cake you may want to look past the traditional round cakes and go with the increasingly popular heart shaped wedding cakes.  They can be decorated the same way you would decorate a traditional wedding cake or you could do something as unique as the cake such as the one pictured above.  The heart shaped wedding cake above is covered with black fondant and trimmed with a pink accent.

If you wanted to try and make a cake like this on your own you would need a heart shaped cake pan in different sizes, fondant, and a lot of patience and practice. The cakes can be displayed as in the image above,you could offset them on top of each other, or they could all be displayed on their own cake stands. As for cake stands, there are so many different colors and designs out there you are sure to find one that suits your cake exactly.

For finishing touches, edible arrangements and “painted” decorations can be added such as flowers, leaves, butterflies, and any other decorative items you may want. Too keep your cake looking elegant just remember less is more when it comes to decorating a wedding cake.

Wow, your wedding guests with a unique cake like this black and pink heart shaped wedding cake. Not only will your guests be impressed by the shape but by the bold colors as well.

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