About Best Cakes

About Us:

Best cake blog is a blog all about cakes. Yep, every kind of cake, novelty cakes, decorative cakes, theme cakes, Wedding cakes, everyday cakes etc. We take the time to find what we consider some of the BEST cake designs and cake ideas and present them on our best cake blog  for our visitors to admire and use for creative inspiration.


There are some amazing cake decorators and bakers out there. People visiting our cake blog love cake. They maybe looking for ideas for their own cake creations, they could be looking for Wedding cake ideas, or maybe they are looking to get ideas for everyday style cakes that they can make at home. It doesn’t matter what the reason is.


One thing is for sure, that visitors to this cake blog all share a ‘Love Of Cake’ and a love for the art of making beautiful, unique cakes & Wedding cake designs.

We put the best cakes we find all in one place with a link to the cake creators website just below the picture.


Submitting Your Own Cake Designs & Cakes You Like:

If you have Amazing cake creations, or designs that you wish to see on this Best Cake Blog, then be sure to email us with the image of the cake

(please keep the images a size similar to what is found on our website), also the name of the cake and a website link to give proper credit to the creator of the cake.

Sit back, make some time and explore our Best Cake Blog- Be sure to Share & Re-post using our social buttons for Facebook, Twitter etc.


Enjoy the Best Cake Blog,

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